Shekhar Gurav

Hello! I’m a Designer and Product Manager with 8+ years of experience across Product Creation, User Experience(UI/UX) & Design Systems. Currently, I head Design at Juspay.

At Juspay, I’ve led the design of BHIM app which saw transaction volume worth INR 4.8 billion in Mar ’18. I also worked on designing the UPI Common Library. This library is currently installed on ~100 million devices; which would become 300 million with inclusion in WhatsApp soon. Various other Juspay products process 2 million+ transactions every single day.

Previously, I worked as Head of Product at Nestaway, a startup funded over USD 90 million by Yuri Milner, Tiger Global and Tata.

I recently wrote an essay titled Imperfect, organic design is the next step, which you may find interesting. I also dabble in Generative Design using p5.js and sometimes even draw comics.

You can reach out to me on twitter at @ShekharGurav.